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Xiaomi UFO Retractable Leash

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The UFO Leash combines the simplicity of a traditional leash with the flexibility of retractable, without compromising on safety. 

The ring shaped leash lets you go handsfree, while the built-in torch illuminates the way. LED ring lights on the handle make youy more visible in the dark. Walking our dog, we ran into a problem every dog owner will recognize, the 'leash-dilemma'. Do you use a safe, but limited traditional leash or a retractable leash that gives your dog more space to roam, but without much control when your pooch is 30 foot away. That's why the  UFO Lead was created.. a circular dog leash with a built-in torch, jerk-free bungee cord, and more.

The circular design ensures you have your hands free when you need to. Tie your shoelace, carry your shopping, or answer that important email without compromising control. A Bungee cord that's interwoven with ultra-durable nylon at the end of the leash smooths out sudden jerks. This is much better for your dog's back and neck, and safer for you so you won't be pulled over. The Built-in ring light and torch ensure you are visible at night for joggers & drivers.

The UFO Lead is suitable for dogs weighing up to 30 kg.