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Neoprene AirTag Collar

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Air Tag collars are all the rage for lovers of Apple and Pets! The Neoprene AirTag collar is a stunning looking, yet ultra durable Collar... this is one for the active outdoor dogs! The Neoprene not only adds comfort for your dog, but is stress resistant making it a great option for active and playful pups. IT features a zinc alloy rust resistant D-ring for attaching leads, and the colalr fastened with. a strengthened plastic clip. The AirTag itself is attached using a slidable faux leather ring, which is sealed closed with a small screw so youy don't need to worry about loosing it!


Next time your pet runs off, just check the "Find My" app on your iPhone... which will probably already be in your hand, and track them down! This is literally the most care free dog collar around! Your pet NEEDS this!