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Belt Style Personalised Leather Collars

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We don't like bland here at Karl & Coco, so when looking for leather Dog collars, we wanted something that stood out! These colourful leather collars have been softened to ensure your dog is comfortable showing off his/her jewelry! The collars themselves are belt style collars so don't have the need for a buckle which keeps the aesthetic look great! Theres a strong metal D-ring for the attachment of leads for walkies, and a metal plate on the collar which can be engraved free of charge!

Your pooch needs this!


XS total length 36 cm, width 1.5 cm, suitable for neck circumference: 26-33 cm, reference weight 8-20 kg

S Total length is 45 cm, width is 2.0 cm, suitable for neck circumference: 30-40 cm, reference weight 20-35 kg

M total length 55 cm, width 2.5 cm, suitable for neck circumference: 40-50 cm, reference weight 35-60 kg

L total length 65 cm, width 3.05 cm, suitable for neck circumference: 50-60 cm, reference weight 60-100 kg